Top Stocks 2014 – Stocks to Buy 2014 – Best Stocks 2014

Top Stocks 2014 – Below is a list of the Top Stocks in 2014.  These stock picks for 2014 are some of the stocks I own and will be trading personally.   So far 2014 has been a volatile year for high multiple, high growth stocks.  We saw a major rally into 2014 and the first three months of the year were great but then came multiple compression.  There was a bubble in the fuel cell stocks such as FCEL, PLUG, and BLDP which popped in March 2014.  After that bubble popped, investors started selling the social/mobile stocks and that spilled over into anything that had a big rally in the past 52 weeks.  Here we are in June 2014 and I see a lot of bargain stocks out there to buy in 2014.  Below is a my list of the best stocks to buy in 2014.

Best Stocks 2014 – The Top Stock in 2014 to me right now is Twitter (TWTR).  Shares of Twitter (TWTR) skyrocketed late last year and hit an all-time high of $75.  TWTR stock has been in a nasty downtrend all year even thought the company beat earnings twice in a row.  Currently trading at $32, Twitter (TWTR) should rebound during the 2nd half of 2014 and into 2015.  However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t more downside because anything is possible with this stock but if you are looking for a solid growth stock to invest in 2014, TWTR is the one.  Revenues are growing at a 100% and EPS has been improving.  Their advertising platform MoPub, which can reach a billion users on iOS & Andriod, will fuel growth for years to come.  While Twitter (TWTR) is expected to produce revenue of $1.2 billion in 2014, we could easily see $15 billion by 2020.  Buy TWTR in 2014 below $35 per share.  This stock is a steal and I’m expecting $75 in 2015 when Wall St wakes up.  Twitter is my top stock to buy in 2014.

Top Stocks 2014 – Another one of my Top Stocks in 2014 is Yelp (YELP).  YELP rallied from $56 late last year to $102 in early 2014.  YELP is growing revenues rapidly while pouring all of that money back into the business to grow.  The company is expected to finally turn a profit in late 2014/early 2015 and this stock will explode when that happens.  Revenues are growing at a 50% rate and this company is a takeover target.  Who could buy out YELP?  Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Alibaba, or anyone looking to dominate the global local search market.  I’m expecting YELP to go up significantly from here so the stock is a strong buy below $55.

Stocks to Buy 2014 – Noodles & Company (NDLS) is a good stock to buy in 2014.  Currently trading at $35, NDLS has been all over the map since going public.  Long term investors are starting to give up on the company which is creating another good buying opportunity.  Noodles had a tough time this winter as the bad weather really hurt sales.  When your stock is trading with a high p/e ratio, there isn’t much room for error.  I’m expecting a huge rebound in 2014 and we could easily see NDLS hit $45-$50 by the end of the year.  NDLS is also a great trading stock due to the wild swings.  Buy NDLS on big dips and sell into rallies in 2014 or just simply hold for the long term.  In 5-10 years, I think NDLS will be trading between $100-$200 per share.

Penny Stocks to Buy 2014 – Right now MagneGas (MNGA) is the best penny stock in 2014.  Shares are higher by 240% – See Also – Top Penny Stocks 2015 – Stocks to Buy 2015