Top Stocks 2015 – Stocks to Buy 2015 – Best Stocks 2015

Top Stocks 2015 – Stock Picks 2015 – Stocks to Buy 2015

Best Stocks 2015 – Below is a list of the Top Stocks in 2015.  These stock picks for 2015 are some of the top stocks I own and will trade personally.   As we continues to seek out good investments in 2015, I see a lot of good stocks to invest in 2015.  For instance, the momentum stocks just saw a big drop which is creating a strong buying opportunity as we enter the summer of 2015.  So what are the best stocks for 2015?  The best stocks in 2015 are the current high growth stocks.  Most of these are Internet related but that is where the growth is.  I currently feel that TWTR, YELP, and CMG are the best stocks to buy in 2015.  Check out my comments on all three below.   Also, check out the top performing stocks in 2015, updated daily – Best Stocks in 2015Best Penny Stocks 2015.

Twitter (TWTR) – Stocks to Buy 2015 – Technology Stocks –  Twitter (TWTR) is my top stock pick for 2015.  Twitter (TWTR) is currently trading at $38 and has dropped back into the $30’s for the third time in 13 months.  Right now the Internet stocks are crashing after weaker than expected earnings reports.  However, Wall St. has a habit of being bullish on TWTR above $50 and bearish below $40.  I will be accumulating this stock ( hopefully below $40) for the majority of 2015 and I continue to view Twitter as the Top Stock in 2015.  Twitter is constantly finding ways to improve ads, the website, and user experience.  They also own other fast growing businesses like MoPub and Gnip and recently bought Periscope to go with Vine on the video side.  Periscope is exploding in popularity as subscribers stream live video.  Most importantly, Twitter (TWTR) is a takeover target when the stock drops this low.  Every time TWTR has dropped into the $30’s, takeover chatter heats and and the stock rebounds back into the $40’s.  Buy all you can in the $30’s for the rest of 2015.  I’m buying right now for an investment and trading TWTR in the stock picks group.

Yelp (YELP) – Stock Picks 2015 – Yelp (YELP) is another one of my stock picks for 2015.  Yelp has failed to live up to Wall St’s high expectations for the past three quarters and now the stock is trading below $40.  YELP is a top stock to buy down here because of takeover potential and the fact that expectations are low.  I’m convinced the bottom is in and we will see a major rally from $39 per share for the rest of 2015.  TWTR & YELP are my best stocks picks in 2015.

Best Stocks 2015 – Restaurant Stocks – Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) – Chipotle (CMG) is one of my favorite stocks to invest in right now because the stock is down over $100 to $630.  CMG is probably the top stock in 2015 likely to rebound in the restaurant industry because they had to fire a pork supplier and once they find another one, sales will go back to normal.  Shares have dropped from over $725 to $620 in 2015 and we are currently expecting a nice rally into 2016.  Have you ever seen the Chipotle lines?  It never fails, every Chipotle I go to always has a line.  They will continue to expand from over 1,800 Chipotle restaurants and add more of their new Asian inspired ShopHouse restaurants in the United States.  Chipotle (CMG) is probably one of the safest growth stocks I know right now.  Buy CMG below $640, sell between $700-$800 in 2015-2016.

Top Stocks 2015 – For more Top Stocks in 2015, take a look at Facebook (FB) and Zillow (Z).  While they will be hot stocks in 2015 but I now prefer YELP & TWTR.  If you are looking for additional stocks to watch in 2015, keep an eye on NDLS, NFLX, SCTY, SPLK, GPRO, AMZN, BABA and GRUB.  If you like biotech stocks, watch GWPH, ESPR, and ADRO. Penny Stocks to Buy 2015 – Right now my Top Penny Stocks for 2015 are ISR, SD, and FCEL.  These are the best penny stocks in 2015 so I continue to like them on dips right now.