Stocks to Buy 2011 – Stock Picks 2011

Stocks to Buy 2011 – Stocks to Buy Now in 2011

Below is a list of my latest stock picks for 2011.  These 2011 Stock Picks are my favorite stocks to buy and some of the stocks I will be trading personally.  Last year, one of my top stock picks was Apple (AAPL) which I recommended at $200 per share.  Apple stock is now trading at $320 per share at the time of this article in December 2010.   Another one of my hot stocks to buy in 2010 was Sirius XM Radio (SIRI).  SIRI stock went from $0.60 all the way up to $1.50 which was a 150% gain.

I feel 2011 will be a good year for stocks and the overall stock market.  Oil in 2011 should hit $110-$120 which would make the oil stocks scream higher.  2011 could be the year for the bank stocks which underperformed in 2010, break out to the upside.  Natural Gas should trade between $5-$6 sparking a rally in the Natural Gas Stocks.

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#1 Top Stock Pick 2011 – Oil Stocks – Hyperdynamics Corporation (HDY) – While Hyperdynamics (HDY) is my top stock pick of 2010, it is a risky one.  The company has no revenues and does not make any money but could be sitting on a very large pool of oil off the coast of Africa.  Drilling for oil is expected to begin in December 2011.  Hyperdynamics was headed into a downward spiral over the past couple years but changed the management team in 2010 who vowed to take the company in a new direction.  Hyperdynamics has a very large prospective leased area off the coast of the Republic of Guinea.  In November 2010, Hyperdynamics raised $30 million in a private placement from financial giant Blackrock (BLK) which will help in preperation costs to drill for oil in late 2011.  Hyperdynamics did a few surveys and believe they could be sitting on billions of barrels of oil.

As for HDY stock in 2011, It is my top stock to buy and my best trading idea.  I have been trading HDY since the stock was $1.60 in August 2010 and gave it a price target of $4 – $6 for 2011.  HDY hit a high of $3.63 in October 2010 and continues to trade around $3.00 as we head into 2011.  If everything goes as planned and the company does infact sit on top of a large oil pool, we could be looking at a $8-$10 stock by year end 2011 in my opinion.  I gave it a target of $4 – $6 when the stock was hitting $2.60 just to be on the conservative side.  Of coarse, if Hyperdynamics announces any delays or lesser oil reserves, all bets are off.  Pullbacks below $2.50 should be a great buy if you are looking for an entry point.  I currently own HDY stock for the long term and will buy more stock on pullbacks.  If you have any questions or feel like discussing HDY stock, visit my HDY message forum thread.

#2 Stock to Buy in 2011 – Technology Stocks –  Cisco Systems (CSCO) –  I recently added Cisco Systems to my stocks to buy list due to the stock forming a bottom around $19 in December 2010.  I bought CSCO stock at $19.67 and plan to add on further weakness.  The company has been giving poor guidance lately and caused two selloffs below $20 which held $19 twice.  This is what we refer to as a double bottom.  If Cisco can get back above $20 in early 2011 and form a new base, I think the stock will rebound hard.  In addition to a bullish technical rebound, I also think Cisco Systems will see a fundamental business rebound in 2011 which will help the stock.  My personal price target for CSCO stock is $25 per share which is about a 28% gain.  My upside price target is $27-$30. 

Stocks to Buy – Bank Stocks – Citigroup Inc (C) – Citigroup (C) is my top financial stock for 2011.  I bought the stock at $4.23 in November 2010 and the company recently announced that the Govenment has exited the common stock.  This news is a positive development and a catalyst for C stock to get back above $5.00 very soon.  Citigroup stock currently trades at $4.78 and I have a price target of $6.00 sometime in 2011.  This represents about a 30% gain on your investment at the current price.  Citigroup might also do a reverse split in 2011 at a 1:10 split rate.  This would cause the $5 stock to go to $50 while the 29 billion shares outstanding will move down to 2.9 billion.  Reverse splits are sometimes viewed as a bearish signal but in this case, it would be a positive.  Citigroup would see an increase of institutional ownership and fund & index buying.  If Citigroup does a reverse split ( the reverse split can happen at anytime because the board of directors already approved it ) and the stock sells off, it would be views as a great buying oppotunity.