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Stock Advice:  Getting good stock advice in today’s stock market can be pretty tough.  It seems as though when receiving stock advice, everyone has their own agendas.  The best stock advice I can give to you is as follows.  Please note, aside from the stock market, a viable alternative is the foreign exchange market, where Forex Trading can be a very lucrative venture.

Stock Advice Tip #1 – Buy low sell high – sounds so simple right?  Well honestly, it can be very hard for people to buy low and sell high.  Infact, a lot of new traders/investors tend to do just the opposite.  They get caught up in the moment and are greedy, wanting their stock to go up more and more only for the stock to turn down and tank on them.  My best stock advice is to buy good quality stocks low and then sell them when they go up.  Always take your profits. 

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Ok, the next free stock advice I have for you is to avoid trading penny stocks.  Why shouldn’t you trade penny stocks?  Penny stocks are very volatile and a waste of time if you are a new stock trader.  Yes, they offer some big gains if you gamble on the right ones but the reason I give this stock advice is because they will go bad on you more often than not.  Do research on good stable upcoming companies and follow my first stock advice tip and wait for a pullback before buying.  Penny stocks are volatile and very risky so they are subject to huge swings.  Most people buy penny stocks thinking they can stomach the huge moves but when it comes down to it, they end up selling for a loss or just not taking profits when they have them.  Stock Advice #2, avoid trading penny stocks.  But if you can’t resist the urge, here are pages for you to do some research.  Top Penny Stocks to Buy – Top Penny Stocks Gainers of 2015  

Free Stock Advice #3 – Figure out whether you are a stock market trader or investor.  Ask yourself this question:  Do I trade stocks on a regular basis or do I only make 1 or 2 trades per week/month where I juggle my portfolio around a bit?  If you are into regular stock trading, focus on trading the first hour of the trading day.  This is the best hour of trading because you have fresh news causing stocks to jump up or down leading to great opportunities.  You also have all day to get out of the trade and avoid holding overnight which is one of my stock market trading rules.  My advice would be to trade the first 60-90 minutes and if you are successful at making your profit goals for the day, pack it up and stop trading for the day, come back tomorrow ready to do it all over again.  This will keep your head clear and focused and help you avoid making a mistake that could throw your whole week,month,year off because you were greedy.

If you are an investor and only make a few buys and sells here and there, avoid watching your portfolio.  The more you watch your portfolio, the more likely you are to trade.   It’s okay to come home from work and check to see how your portfolio did, but if you keep checking it every hour or a few times a day, chances are you will get off track of your long term goals.  Stock Advice #3, if you are a long term investor, don’t think about your portfolio and keep checking it constantly.  If you are a day trader, only trade the first hour of trading.