Sleeper Stocks – Top Sleeper Stocks

Sleeper Stocks – Best Sleeper Stocks 2017

Sleeper Stocks – This years sleeper stocks will surprise most of you but I’m stepping out on a limb in 2017.  Sleeper Stocks are stocks that you wouldn’t expect to do well but end up coming back strong.  These sleeper stocks have been down and out and stocks that investors have been dumping hard but they come back on short sellers with vengeance.  Below is a list of the sleep stocks picks for 2017.

Sleeper Stocks to Buy – My Top 2017 Sleep Stock is Chipotle (CMG).  Shares of CMG are down 17% to $400 per share and I see Chipotle rising back to $480 in 2017.  Chipotle (CMG) will continue to focus on food safety and opening good locations that produce higher margins.  Chipotle had the E.Coli scare several years ago but that is behind them and they are ready for a strong rebound in 2017.  This is almost a sure thing and any major drop below $360 is a strong buy.JNUG & NUGT – Two of my best sleeper stock picks in 2017 are in the gold sector.  These two gold mining ETF’s have really dropped in the second half of last year so I think gold and silver will both rebound in 2017 which will cause these two to jump.  NUGT is about $8.50 and if Gold can just go up $100 per ounce to $1275, NUGT and JNUG will both double or triple.  Everyone is selling them into year end which makes them good sleeper stocks for 2017. Other Sleep Stocks 2017 – Twitter (TWTR), Shake Shack (SHAK), China Bull 3x (YINN), Yamana Gold (AUY), Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS)