Top Silver Stocks 2015 – Silver Stocks to Buy 2015

Top Silver Stocks 2015 – Silver Stocks to Buy 2015

What are the best silver stocks in 2015?  Below is a list of the top silver stocks in 2015.  These 2015 Silver Stock Picks are my favorite silver stocks to buy and some of the silver stocks I will be trading personally in 2015.  I want to buy silver stocks when they are breaking out instead of when they are dropping.  While Silver could rally back into the $18-$20 range, Silver is more likely to test $15 per ounce.  Silver has been in a downtrend for many years and right now the metal is forming a base.  Check out my top silver stocks in 2015 below.   Also, I started a list of Silver Penny Stocks as well!

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Best Silver Stocks 2015 – Silver Wheaton Corp. (SLW) – Despite the recent drop, SLW is the silver stock to buy in 2015.  SLW is a strong buy when the price of silver is rising because the stock was cut in half last year.  SLW is currently trading at $19 and I’m giving the stock a 2015 price target of $22.  If the price of silver continues to drop in 2015, expect SLW to drop below $16.  Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW) operates as a precious metals streaming company worldwide. The company has 20 long-term purchase agreements and 1 early deposit long-term purchase agreement associated with silver and/or gold relating to 24 different mining assets. It has silver and gold interests primarily in the San Dimas, Zinkgruvan, Yauliyacu, Stratoni, Mineral Park, Los Filos, Peñasquito, Campo Morado, Keno Hill, Neves-Corvo, the Cozamin, the Minto mine, Barrick, Aljustrel, 777, Salobo, and Sudbury mines; and the Rosemont, Loma de La Plata, Constancia, and Toroparu projects.

Top Silver Stocks 2015 – Proshares Ultra Long Silver (AGQ) – If you are bullish on the price of Silver in 2015, buy AGQ.  AGQ is a 2x leveraged bull silver ETF that rises twice the rate of silver but also drops with the price of silver as well  If you think silver will drop in 2015, buy ZSL which is a double short silver ETF.  Both AGQ and ZSL are very volatile so they make good silver day trading stocks.

3x Bull/Bear ETN’s – If you are really bullish or bearish on the price of silver and want to make a high risk trade, check out USLV & DSLV.  These ETN’s trade like stocks but are only good for short term trades.  Keep a tight stop!

Silver Penny Stocks – Best Silver Penny Stocks 2015 – Below is a list of the Top Silver Penny Stocks in 2015.  If you are looking for some good silver penny stocks, these are a buy on large dips:  Hecla Mining (HL) – Great Panther Silver (GPL) – Silvercorp Metals (SVM).