2016 Penny Stocks – Best Penny Stocks 2016 – Penny Stock Picks 2016

Top Penny Stocks 2016 – Best Penny Stocks 2016

Penny Stocks 2016 – Below is a list of the Top Penny Stocks in 2016.  These are some of the best penny stocks to buy right now and the penny stocks to watch as we head into 2016.   Aoxing Pharmaceutical (AXN) is the Top Penny Stock To Watch in 2016 because shares are up over 400% in 2015.  AXN has been one of the best performing penny stocks for most of the year as shares exploded from $0.40 to over $2.  Currently trading around $1.50, I think this hot penny stock needs a correction before I buy.  If we look at the chart, we could eventually see a retest of $1.30 which would then be a buy for a trade in 2016. Aoxing Pharmaceutical (AXN) is a biotech penny stock that does business in China.  Chinese penny stocks always make me nervous because you can never prove they are legit.  However, if you trade China penny stocks based on the chart, you will be fine.  AXN has been hitting resistance in the $2’s lately so the stock doesn’t become a strong buy until we see a major correction.  Watch AXN into 2016. Also, a check out my biggest penny stock gainers 2016 page.  There you can track the best performing penny stocks year to date.

Penny Stocks to Buy in 2016 – Penn Virginia. (PVA) – PVA is one of my top penny stocks in 2016 because shares have dropped below $1 recently.  PVA has been crushed as the price of oil dropped below $40 recently.  Sales are expected to see minor growth in 2016 and the company is forecasted to continue to lose money.  SandRidge has some good oil assets and it is a penny stock to watch in 2016.  I like PVA stock below $0.80 if we see another drop but keep in mind the company can easily go bankrupt.  If oil sees a big rebound in 2016, Penn Virginia (PVA) will be one of the Top Penny Stocks in 2016.  My best advice is to only buy PVA on a break out vs trying to catch a falling knife.  Wait until the penny stock crashes, then buy on a break above a few previous daily highs.  Keep a tight stop loss order and make sure you take profits quickly. Nymox Pharmaceutical (NYMX) – Nymox Pharmaceutical (NYMX) was one of the top stock gainers in 2015 after shares exploded from $1.25-$3.  NYMX is a penny stock to watch in 2016 because biotech is a hot sector right now.  The company has an interesting drug to treat BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) which has been getting notice.  Like PVA, NYMX is only a buy when the stock price is breaking out.  NYMX will likely be a hot penny stock in 2016 during several times periods. However, if you buy and hold this penny stock, you will leave the door open for massive volatility.

Other Best Penny Stocks 2016 – ISR HEMP MJNA SD.

Penny Stocks are high risk but can offer huge reward if you buy the right ones at the right time.  Keep an eye on price action and volume, that will tip you off as to when these penny stocks will rally in 2016.  If you want to buy lower risk stocks.  We play good quality companies and we find the earnings winners. Looking for more stock ideas for 2016?  Check out my top stocks to watch for 2016.