Penny Stocks 2013 – Top Penny Stocks 2013 – Penny Stocks to Buy 2013

Penny Stocks to Buy 2013 – There are thousands of penny stocks in the market but picking the right penny stocks is tricky.  Investing in penny stocks is probably not a good idea, you want to trade them, buy, sell for a profit, and move on to the next one.   Below is a list of the top penny stocks for 2013.  These are my own penny stock predictions so please do your proper research before trading them.  You want to chose penny stocks to buy that are solid companies and are just having some problems at the moment.  You also want to try and find penny stocks that have high cash on hand.  If you chose the right penny stocks in 2013, you could be looking at a double or a triple.  The best penny stocks are stocks that have a catalyst in the future like and FDA decision where you know the date.  You can usually buy these penny stocks in advance of the approval decision and then sell for a profit a weeks before.

In late 2012, I found penny stock Zynga (ZNGA) at $2.20.  The stock went on a huge rally and ended up hitting $3.75 in early 2013.  While I didn’t hold on to it that long, you can see the potential.  ZNGA is now hot in 2013 due to several states allowing internet gaming.  Zynga poker could eventually let gamblers play right on their smart phones.

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Top Penny Stocks 2013 – Semiconductor/Chip Penny Stocks 2013 – Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – Penny Stocks are risky but AMD has over $1 billion in cash, they jyst announced layoffs of 12,000 workers, and appear to be really buckling down.  The stock dropped from $4.50 to $1.90 recently and is currently on the rebound.  Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is my top penny stock pick in 2013 due to the potential it has for a rebound.  The company will burn through cash and has a good amount of debt but I feel the stock could rise to $2.75 at some point in 2013.  Watch AMD stock closely in 2013.

Penny Stocks to Buy 2013 – Oil & Gas Penny Stocks 2013 – Samson Oil & Gas (SSN) – Samson Oil & Gas is a penny stocks that continue to drop.  The company has been having drilling problems recently and has been burning through cash.  SSN is currently trading around $0.50 and if they hit a big well in 2013, the stock could double.  SSN still has $11 million in cash going into 2013 so they are skating on thin ice.  However, if the fiscal cliff is solved and oil spikes, SSN has the potential to pop.  If the right things happen, I think SSN can rise back above $1 which is a 100% gain.

Other Penny Stocks to Watch in 2013 – Real Goods Solar, Inc. (RSOL) – Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd. (CHTP)  – Cannabis Science (CBIS) – Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA)