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Penny Stocks Under Promotion 2016

What is a penny stock promotion? – A penny stock promotion is when a penny stock promotion subscription service gets paid to promote a penny stock.  There are hundreds and thousands of penny stock promotion websites but while some are free, most require a paid membership to join.  Basically what happens is you pay a membership fee and the company is paid by public companies to promote their penny stock.  The penny stock promo service promotes the penny stock to all of It’s members and then a buying frenzy occurs.  In other words, the penny stock is pumped and then eventually the subscribers who received the tip dump on the new buyers.  This is why you most OTC and Pink Sheets stocks rally and then drop hard.

Below is a list of the Top Penny Stocks under Promotion right now.

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AgriEuro Corp. (EURI) – AgriEuro (EURI) has been under promotion for several weeks now but is still in an uptrend.  AgriEuro (EURI) is a buy below $0.20 and a sell above $0.45.  Keep a tight stop because when the trend breaks this stock will drop hard.

TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV)
 – TapImmune (TPIV) recently has come under heavy promotion.  TPIV is currently in a nice uptrend so dips back to the 200 day moving average can be bought using a tight stop loss order.  The stock is a strong sell above $1.00.

BioElectronics (BIEL) – Penny Stock Promoters are promoting BIEL hardcore.  BIEL saw a nice pop last year and is now selling off.  If another promotion hits, we could see this penny stock double in 2016.

Other Penny Stocks Under Promotion 2016

CD International Enterprises, Inc. (CDII)
Cellceutix (CTIX)
NuTech Energy Resources (NERG)
Amarantus Bioscience (AMBS)