Best Oil Stocks 2016 – Top Oil Stocks 2016

Best Oil Stocks 2016 – Oil Stocks to Buy 2016

Best Oil Stocks 2016 – Below is a list of the Top Oil Stocks in 2016.  These oil stocks are oil stocks to buy in 2016 if we see more downside in the commodity going forward.  As we head into 2016, oil is crashing again which is causing a lot of the good U.S oil stocks to drop hard.  I continue to believe that the best oil stocks are the oil drilling and exploration stocks that have major positions in the United States.  Check out my oil stocks picks for 2016 below.

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Best Oil Stocks 2015 – My best oil stock for 2016 is Continental Resources (CLR).  Continental Resources (CLR) has a major position in the Bakken Shale of North Dakota and is majority owned by founder and CEO Harold Hamm.  I like to invest in stocks where the founder and CEO has a large stake in the company and has not sold or has been buying more.  Another company that comes to mind is Telsa (TSLA) and Elon Musk.

Continental Resources (CLR) has some of the best oil assets in America and CLR is truly one of the best oil socks to buy because the company is so well managed.  I have to think that the larger oil companies like Exxon (XOM) or BP (BP) would love to buyout Continental Resources (CLR) so this is an added bonus for shareholders.  If the price of oil rebounds in 2016, Continental Resources (CLR) is the top oil stocks to own.  With a current share price of $34, I’m giving Continental Resources (CLR) a 2016 price target of $50.  Buy CLR below $30 in 2016.

Oil Stocks to Buy in 2016 – When looking for oil stocks to buy, I also check to see if they pay a dividend.  This will allow me to earn income as I wait for stock performance.  Two oil stocks to buy in 2016 that come to mind are BP (BP) and ConocoPhillips (COP).  These oil stocks are some of the safest oil stocks that pay a dividend in 2016.  BP ($36 stock price) pays a 6.3% dividend and COP ($52 stock price) pays a 5.3% dividend.  These stocks are some of the lowest oil stocks right now due to the crash in oil prices.  If the price of oil rebounds, these are two oil stocks to buy now because both will increase 20% and then you lock in that dividend yield.

Oil Penny Stocks 2016 – Penn Virginia (PVA) is my best oil penny stock to buy in 2016.  Oil Penny Stocks are risky so keep a tight stop loss order but Penn Virginia (PVA) is an oil penny stock that stands to rebound if oil rallies back up.  Penn Virginia (PVA) recently closed below $0.50 but the company has some solid assets in the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas.  If the company can sell some of their assets, we might be able to see a price target of $1 in 2016.  PVA is an oil stock to watch in 2016.

Penn Virginia (PVA) is engaged in the exploration, development and production of crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and natural gas in onshore regions of the United States primarily the Eagle Ford Shale, or Eagle Ford, in South Texas. Its operational facilities are located in Texas and Oklahoma.

Oil Stock to Watch 2016 – Below is a list of oil stocks to watch in 2016.  These are oil stocks to buy that I haven’t covered in the above section.  If oil rebounds in 2016, these oil stocks will be huge winners.

Whiting Petroleum (WLL)
EOG Resources (EOG)
Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD)
Diamondback Energy (FANG)
Triangle Petroleum (TPLM)
Bonanza Creek Energy (BCEI)
Oasis Petroleum (OAS)