Oil Penny Stocks – Oil Penny Stocks 2018 – Oil Penny Stock Picks

Best Oil Penny Stocks 2018 – Penny Oil Stocks to Buy

Oil Penny Stocks – Oil Penny Stocks can offer some of the best gains when the price of oil spikes.  However, oil crashed a few years ago and never recovered and the commodity appears like it will stay low for while.  It’s important to note, just because oil penny stocks trade at a low price, it doesn’t mean the companies’ are good.  When looking for the best oil penny stock, you must research the company very well and make sure they can at least survive for the next 8-12 months.  I like to look at the oil penny stocks’ assets, cash on hand, and revenue growth.  Several years ago SSN was an oil penny stock I invested in.  I doubled my money but the stock was highly volatile.  Six years later, the company did a reverse split and the stock trades at 1/15 of the value right now.

The moral of this story is you will not always pick the right penny stock but if you do your research and believe in the company, you should do well.  Keep an eye on oil prices.  When oil is rising suddenly, oil penny stocks tend to spike to the upside.  The best gains are made in a few months when the momentum traders buy into these stocks due to the large spike in oil.  When the price of oil tanks, look for solid oil companies that were once great but fell victim to the crash.

Below is a list of oil penny stocks to watch going into 2018.  If we see oil rebound in 2018, think about buying the following penny stocks if your research makes sense.  Oil Penny Stocks always take off when the price of Oil breaks out of a key trading range.

#1 Top Oil Penny Stock Pick 2018

Samson Oil & Gas (SSN) – ( Oil and Gas Exploration & Production ) – While many oil penny stocks went bankrupt over the last few years, this stock still trades.  If you look at the chart, SSN stock can explode for a 50% gain at any time.  Will oil prices recover in 2018?  If oil prices recover, this stock will double again.  Make sure you sell into the spike and assume SSN will eventually drop lower than you purchased it.

Samson Oil & Gas Limited is an oil and gas company focused on oil production in the Niobrara and Bakken formations in the United States. The Company’s principal activities are oil and gas exploration, development and production in the United States. Its geographic segments include United States of America and Other segments. All revenue from the United States of America segment is from customers based in the United States. The Other Segments revenue relates principally to interest income earned on cash balances in Australia. Its projects include Foreman Butte project, Roosevelt Project, North Stockyard Project, Rainbow Project, Hawk Springs Project, South Prairie Project and Cane Creek Project. Its Foreman Butte project includes various producing and non-producing, operated and non-operated wells in the Ratcliffe and Madison formations in Montana and North Dakota. The Company has an interest in over 3,303 acres adjacent to the North Stockyard Oil Field.

Top Oil Penny Stocks to Buy 2018 – Southwestern Energy (SWN) ( Oil & Natural Gas Stocks ) – Southwestern Energy (SWN) is another one of my top oil penny stock picks for 2018.  SWN is down 50% to $5.60 in the last 6 months and shares can easily double if Oil spikes back to $55 in 2018.  SWN is more of a natural gas stock but they do have some oil mixed in there as well.  If we see a jump in either natural has or oil in 2018, expect shares to climb back to $9 or $10 per share.  However, if both commodities continue to trade sideways or lower, shares will eventually drop below $4.

Other Oil Penny Stocks to Watch:

Eclipse Resources (ECR)
Rex Energy (REXX)
Jones Energy (JONE)