Long Term Stocks – Best Long Term Stocks to Buy

Long Term Stocks – Long Term Stocks to Buy in 2019

Long Term Stocks – Looking for stocks to invest in for the long term?  Below is a list of my long term stock picks 2019.  These are stocks to buy for the long term and stocks I am investing in personally.  The U.S economy is doing well so these stocks will continue to work and I will be buying them on pullbacks in 2019.  2020 is an election year so I expect stocks to outperform and have a great 12-18 months.  Check out my Top Stocks 2019 and Penny Stocks for 2019 reports.

Top Stocks to Watch 2019 – Click Here

Top Long Term Stocks – (Small Caps Stocks) – Small Caps Bull 3x (TNA) – ($57) – One of my top long term stock picks 2019 is Small Caps Bull 3x (TNA).  I’ve been trading TNA for about seven years but the recent Christmas stock market crash caused me to buy and hold for the long term at $55 and $45 (avg of $50).  I will likely sell TNA in the $100’s in 2019-2020 but will then look to reload below $70 on a pullback.  The stock market always hits new highs and I’m expecting TNA to hit $100 at some point in 2019.  This leveraged ETF is one of the best you can buy and trade.  Other good long term stocks are SPXL & UDOW.

Best Long Term Stocks (Chinese Stocks) – China Bull 3X ETF (YINN) ($22) – China Bull 3X ETF (YINN) is an ETF I like for the long term.  I’m bullish on China and after the recent crash which sent YINN down from the $50’s to $16, I became a bull again.  I believe this China 3x long ETF can return to $50-$70 in the next 3 years.  Buy YINN for the long term below $20.  Another good long term chinese stock is Baidu (BIDU) and (CHAU).

Best Long Term Stocks – (Technology Stocks) – Tesla (TSLA) – ($310) – Another best long term stock to buy is Tesla (TSLA).  TSLA shares have been trading sideways due to many reasons over the last two years but 2019 is the year the stock skyrockets into the $400’s.  Tesla will be making a debt payment and continuing to report a profit each quarter and this will fuel shares to the upside.  New product launches in late 2019 will be the long term catalyst shares needs to explode higher from here.  I own TSLA stock at $306 and I plan to sell shares between $425-$450.

Other Long Term Stocks to Watch:

Amazon.com (AMZN)
Apple (AAPL)
Square (SQ)
Shake Shack (SHAK)
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)