Jim Cramer Stock Picks – Mad Money Stock Picks 2019

Jim Cramer Stocks Picks 2019 – Cramer’s Top Stocks

Jim Cramer Stocks Picks – Want to know Jim Cramer’s Stock Picks 2019?  If you don’t know who Jim Cramer is, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock for the last 15 years.  Jim Cramer is a high-energy stock picker on CNBC who hosts a daily show called Mad Money.  On Mad Money, Jim Cramer takes stock picking questions from callers and interviews CEO’s to get a better feel for how business is going.  Over the years Jim Cramer has mentioned some good stock picks.  While he likes to cheerlead on the way up and then totally back away when a stock drops, he does give some great insight into the world of stocks.  Some of Cramer’s stock picks over the years were Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), and Salesforce.com (CRM).  Below is a list of Jim Cramer’s stock picks for 2019.  At one point or another, Cramer has mentioned these stocks to buy.  These are good solid companies that should do well in any environment.  I also endorse these stocks as well because I like them for the long term.  Also, check out Top Stocks 2019.

Spotify (SPOT) – One of Jim Cramer’s best stocks for 2019 is Spotify (SPOT).  Spotify (SPOT) has been one of Jim Cramer’s top stocks to buy lately and he likes the long term trend in 2019.  Jim Cramer feels this company has what it takes to beat the competition and shares could reverse after this correction.  SPOT has recently rallied from $103-$141 so shares remain a buy below $120.

Spotify provides music streaming services worldwide. It operates through two segments, Premium and Ad-Supported. The Premium segment offers commercial-free music services to subscribers comprising unlimited online and offline high-quality streaming access to its catalog. The Ad-Supported segment provides ad-supported users with limited on-demand online access to its catalog

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GrubHub (GRUB) – Jim Cramer likes the GrubHub (GRUB) and feels the red hot delivery company will keep growing. GRUB has been a Cramer stock pick for a little while and he feels the stocvk is a buy on all major pullbacks.  Recently, GRUB has dropped from $149 to $66 and then rebounded to $83.

Tesla (TSLA)
– Another Top Cramer Stock in 2019 could be Tesla (TSLA).  Jim Cramer liked the companys conference call and shares have rallied from $297 to $315 since then.  Jim Cramer believes in Tesla but feels Elon Musk is a comedian.  We’ll see what happens in 2019.

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