IPO’s 2016 – IPO Calendar 2016 – Top IPO’s 2016

IPO Schedule for 2016 – Below is a list of the current IPO schedule for 2016.  This list of new initial public offerings shows you the top IPO’s of the week and new stocks that will soon begin trading on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

What is an IPO?  IPO is short for Initial Public Offering which is another phrase for a new stock listed on an exchange.  Each month, the IPO Calendar fills up with companies wanting to go public and issue stock.  Last year, we saw some hot IPO’s start trading such as Shake Shack (SHAK), GoDaddy (GDDY), Box (BOX), and FitBit (FIT).

IPO’s are exciting because new stocks tend to see a pop on the first and second day of trading when market conditions are good.  Why is this you ask?  When a new stock IPO’s, most of the shares remain locked up for 6 months leaving only a small amount of stock trading during IPO day.  With such little stock trading combined with the high demand for an IPO, you get a buying frenzy which produces some of the biggest gainers of the year.  For example, last year, Fitbit (FIT) priced at $20, opened at $30, raced to $32, dropped to $29, and then closed around $30.  The following week Fitbit (FIT) hit $40 per share.  If you buy these IPO’s for a trade, don’t forget to take profits!  Insiders have their stock locked up during the first 6 months of going public.  A few months before and right after the lock-up expiration comes due, the IPO tends to come under heavy selling pressure with insiders selling stock into the open market.  A good example of this would be Alibaba (BABA) as the stock dropped from $100 to $60 right around the lock up expiration period.  If you plan to trade IPO’s, always use tight stop orders and take profits when you have them. 

Through out the year of 2016, I will list new IPO’s under the IPO Calendar below.  Check back for IPO updates so you can track the hottest IPO’s of the year.

IPO News

IPO Calendar October 2016

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IPO’s Week of October 3, 2016

Camping World (CWH)
Obalon Therapeutics (OBLN)
AquaVenture (WAAS)
Advanced Disposal Services (ADSW)
Coupa Software (COUP)
Everspin Technologies (MRAM)

IPO’s Week of October 10, 2016

Extraction Oil & Gas (XOG)
Aure Power Global (AZRE)

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IPO’s 2016 – Best IPO in 2016 – While the 2016 IPO calendar is still to be decided, I continue to hope we see a Pinterest (PINT) IPO.  Pinterest is a picture sharing social networking website where users pin and share their favorite pictures.  The company makes money selling ads similar to Twitter (TWTR).  As of recently, Pinterest was valued at $8 billion but they would likely receive a higher valuation after the IPO.  As for the Pinterest (PINT) IPO date, nothing is set.  This is all speculation but at some point we will see this fast growing company go public.

Possible Upcoming IPO’s 2016 – DropBox, FourSquare, Hulu, Airbnb