Internet Stocks – Best Internet Stocks 2017

Internet Stocks to Buy 2017 – Top Internet Stocks 2017

Internet Stocks – Internet Stocks will be hot in 2017 as the internet continues to see massive growth.  These Top 2017 Internet Stocks are my favorite stocks to buy and some of the stocks I will be trading personally.  Internet Stocks are a great area to look if you are seeking out high growth stocks for 2017.  The internet is growing every year and there is always companies coming to market with new ideas.  Internet stocks should be hot in 2017 and should outperform the US markets.  Enjoy my internet stocks to buy in 2017 and invest in these internet stocks with confidence.

Top Internet Stocks – (AMZN) – Amazon (AMZN) continues to be my Top Internet Stock because they are ruling ecommerce.  AMZN stock peaked above $800 last year and is now trading around $740.  With a market cap of $340 billion, there is alot more upside to go but all pullbacks are a strong buy., Inc. offers a range of products and services through its Websites. The Company’s products include merchandise and content that it purchases for resale from vendors and those offered by third-party sellers. The Company has three segments: North America, International and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Company’s North America segment focuses on retail sales of consumer products from sellers and subscriptions, through its North America-focused Websites, such as

Best Internet Stocks – Baidu (BIDU) – Another good internet stock to buy is Baidu (BIDU) which is also know as the Chinese Google.  BIDU ranks high in my list of China Stocks and had a flat year last year.  For this reason, I feel that BIDU will get back on track in 2017 and outperform most internet stocks.  While Baidu’s (BIDU) revenue has been flat last year, I’m expecting the company to beat low expectations in 2017.  BIDU is currently trading at $162 and I believe shares will reach $210 in 2017.

Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese language Internet search provider. The Company offers a Chinese language search platform on its Website that enables users to find information online, including Webpages, news, images, documents and multimedia files, through links provided on its Website. In addition to serving individual Internet search users, the Company provides a platform for businesses to reach customers

Internet Stocks 2017 Google (GOOG) – While I refuse to call it Alphabet, Google (GOOG) rounds out my top 3 Internet stocks picks.  The company continues to invest in futuristic companies and dominate the search engine space.  This stock also peaked in the $800’s last year and is currently trading at $750.  I see GOOG shares reaching $870 in 2017 for a nice gain.

Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) should both be avoided as the Election really hurt these companies.  Fake News and Censorship have caused a lot of users to close their accounts!