Biggest Stock Gainers – Today’s Biggest Gaining Stocks

Stock Gainers – Are you looking for the biggest stock gainers?  Below is a list of the top stock gainers in the stock market today.  Designed for both day traders and investors, we list stock gainers for pre market, regular trading hours, and after market trading.  At 8am, 9am, 9:30am, 12pm, and 4pm EST, you will find the largest gaining stocks for the day. This updated list of largest stock gainers includes the Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and American Stock Exchange (AMEX) stocks combined all in one; We also include some Pink Sheets and OTC Gainers.   Getting a head start with my daily stock gainers list can be a key element in making profitable trades!  Includes Pre Market and After hours real time updates.  The Data I use is screened and screened even more so if a stock is up 60% but lacks volume….It will not make the list.  Stock Gainers must have at least 100,000 shares traded.  It is very hard to day trade a stock that lacks volume.  If a stock is for real, the volume will be there!  Make you view my past gainers and stock losers pages as well.

Interested in hot stocks for 2020?  This year is going by fast which is why I released my stock picks and penny stock picks for 2020.  The stock market has been red hot lately and there is no sign of a stock market correction anywhere. There will be a lot of hot stocks and stock gainers to trade so stay tuned!

Biggest Stock Gainers – 11/26/19 November 26, 2019

ChemoCentryx Inc (CCXI)
Cleveland BioLabs Inc (CBLI)
Toughbuilt Industries Inc (TBLT)
Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc (PTI)
Akerna Corp (KERN)
InflaRx N.V. (IFRX)
Verastem Inc (VSTM)
China Ceramics Co Ltd (CCCL)