Fuel Cell Stocks – Top Fuel Cell Stocks 2017

Fuel Cell Stocks – Top Fuel Cell Stocks 2017

Fuel Cell Stocks – Fuel Cell Stocks could turn hot in 2017 if oil rallies and alternative energy stocks come back into favor.  After the bubble popped a few years ago, the Fuel Cell Stocks have come back down to earth and are looking attractive again but risky.   The Fuel Cell sector was probably the hottest sector in the stock market three years ago aside from the marijuana stocks.  The rise in Fuel Cell Stocks reminded me of the solar stock bubble several years ago but as long as investors keep investing in these companies, they will continue to be volatile.  Below is a list of Fuel Cell Stocks to Watch in 2017. 

Top Fuel Cell Stocks – Plug Power (PLUG) is the best fuel cell stock to buy in 2017 if you are positive on fuel cell technology.  While the CEO predicted that the company would be profitable three years ago, this never happened and PLUG shares have dropped from $9 to $1.50.  As we head into 2017, oil is still down 50% from the high creeping back up again.  These Fuel Cell Stocks and Alternative Energy Stocks can really heat up again if oil see a big spike.  If the above does happen, PLUG can big a 50% to 100% gainer in 2017.

Plug Power Inc. is a provider of alternative energy technology focused on the design, development, commercialization and manufacture of hydrogen fuel cell systems used for the industrial off-road market and the stationary power market. The Company’s product line includes GenKey, GenDrive, GenFuel, GenCare and ReliOn. GenKey offers solutions to customers transitioning their material handling vehicles to fuel cell power. GenDrive is a hydrogen fueled proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system. It provides power to material handling vehicles. GenFuel is a hydrogen fueling delivery system. It is designed to allow customers to refuel its GenDrive units for productivity.

Best Fuel Cell Stocks – Another good fuel cell stock in 2017 is Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BLDP).  BLDP was a really strong performing stock last year and is up 29% in the last six months.  However, Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BLDP) is still down 70% form the peak several years ago but is recovering.  If alternative energy stocks start to soar again in 2017, BLDP will be right of there with the best fuel cell stocks.

Ballard Power Systems Inc. is engaged in the design, development, manufacture, sale and service of fuel cell products. The Company is focused on its power product markets of heavy-duty motive, portable power, material handling and telecom backup power, as well as the delivery of technology solutions, including engineering services, and the license and sale of its intellectual property portfolio and fundamental knowledge for fuel cell applications.

Other Fuel Cell Stocks to Buy – Below is a list of additional Top Fuel Stocks 2017.

FuelCell Energy (FCEL) – FCEL is one of the most popular fuel cell penny stocks and is now trading around $2.  FuelCell Energy, Inc. is an integrated fuel cell company. The Company designs, manufactures, sells, installs, operates and services stationary fuel cell power plants for distributed power generation. The Company’s segment is fuel cell power plant production and research. The Company’s power plants provide on-site power and utility grid support.

Hydrogenics Corporation (HYGS) – HYGS is a fuel cell stock to watch in 2017 – HYGS designs, develops, and manufactures hydrogen generation products based on water electrolysis technology; and fuel cell products based on proton exchange membrane technology primarily in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania. It operates in two segments, OnSite Generation and Power Systems. The OnSite Generation segment develops products for industrial gas, hydrogen fueling, and renewable energy storage markets.  The Power Systems segment develops products for energy storage, stationary, and motive power applications. This segment offers HyPM Fuel Cell Products, including HyPM fuel cell power modules that produce direct current (DC) power in standard outputs of 2.5, 5, 8, 12, 16, 30, 90, 120, and 180 kW; and HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack, which includes a standard HyPM power module integrated with hydrogen storage tanks and ultra capacitors to provide higher power in short bursts. Its HyPM Fuel Cell Products also comprise integrated fuel cell systems that are used for portable and stationary applications, including portable and auxiliary power units for military applications, and DC or DC backup power system for cellular tower sites, as well as provides engineering development services.

UQM Technologies (UQM) – UQM is one of the hidden Fuel Cell Penny Stocks because not many people know about this company.  UQM Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures electric motors, generators, and power electronic controllers. The company offers propulsion systems, generators, and related auxiliary components for electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric vehicles.