Fast Money

CNBC Fast Money Stock Recommendations

CNBC Fast Money has been a great show!  My goal with this page is to keep you updated on the stock picks given by the Fast Money CNBC cast incase you were not able to watch the show.  I will post their buy and sell picks nightly…or atleast I will try to every night.

Meet the CNBC Fast Money Cast

Jeff Mackie : Jeff Macke is a founder and president of Macke Asset Management MAM. Mackie is also the West Coast editor and a contributor to financial web site

Guy Adami : Guy Adami was an executive director at CIBC World Markets in their U.S. Equities division where he was the sector head in charge of the Industrial Basic Material group.

Pete Najarian : Pete Najarian is co-founder of

Karen Finerman : Karen Finerman is President of Metropolitan Capital Advisers

John Najarian :John Najarian is co-founder of and is a guest on Fast Money

Joe Terranova : Joe Terranova is Chief Alternative Strategist at Phoenix Investment Partners

Dennis Gartman : Dennis Gartman is founder of the Gartman Letter and a guest on CNBC

Fast Money Stock Picks to Watch   7/03/08 short edition

Jeff Mackie will be out for awhile as he mourns the passing of his father….we can’t wait for his return!

Joe Terranova: Opinions

If yields and oil don’t come down….there will still be problems in the market
Ag Stocks:  I think you want to buy the dips

Pete Najarian: Opinions 

The Financials:  Nothing really looks appealing yet
Ag Stocks:  Demand story continues…you have to buy the dips
Long Mcdonalds and Burger King

Guy Adami: Opinions

Karen Finerman: Opinions

I would go long Krogar, short Whole Foods

Dennis Gartman – Buy GLD and some of the gold stocks…Barrick Gold