Dividend Stocks 2016 – Best Dividend Stocks 2016 – High Dividend Stocks

Dividend Stocks 2016 – Best Dividend Stocks 2016

Dividend Stocks 2016 –  Looking for the best dividend stocks in 2016?  Below is a list of high dividend stocks and high yielding dividend stocks.  This is a list of the top yielding dividend stocks in the stock market today.  What I usually watch out for is the company itself because if you buy a high paying dividend stock and it drops 10%, you are actually losing money.  I like to find good companies paying a dividend that will rise as they pay the actual dividend.  If you are looking for other stock ideas for 2016, check out my best stocks 2016 and best penny stocks for 2016 pages.

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High Dividend Stocks 2016

High Yield Dividend Stocks – Here is a list of highest yielding dividend stocks in 2016.  Just because they are high paying dividend stocks doesn’t mean you will make money.  As I mentioned above, the actual stock performance could be poor resulting in a loss after you factor in the dividend.  This list is simply the top paying dividend stocks, do your research if you plan to invest in these high yielding companies.  Please note that most of these high yieldi dividend stocks are in the energy sector because Oil & Gas has crashed.

1. Linn Energy (LINN) $5.79 – 22% Dividend Yield

2. Linn Co (LNCO) $5.81 – 21% Dividend Yield

3. EV Energy Partners LP (EVEP) $9.39 – 21% Dividend Yield

4. Navios Maritime Partners L.P. (NMM) $10.27 – 17% Dividend Yield

5. Breitburn Energy Partners LP (BBEP) $3.15 – 16% Dividend Yield

6. Chimera Investment Corp (CIM) $13.96 – 14% Dividend Yield

7. RAIT Financial Trust (RAS) $5.54 – 13% Dividend Yield

8. Annaly Capital Management (NLY) $9.57 – 12.5% Dividend Yield

9. TAL International (TAL) $27.85 – 10% Dividend Yield

10. Nordic American Tankers (NAT) $16.02 – 10% Dividend Yield

Best Dividend Stocks 2016 – Here is a list of the safest dividend stocks in 2016.  While no dividend is completely safe and any stock can drop, these 2016 dividend stocks are very stable and should make me money.

Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY) –  Annaly (NLY) is a solid financial stock paying a 13% dividend.  Jeffrey Gundlach has even endorsed this high yielding dividend stock as well!

Nordic American Tankers Limited (NAT) – I like Nordic (NAT) because of the high paying dividend and the stock chart.  NAT stock continues to climb with the stock market which is bullish.

Bp (BP) – BP stock is now down to $36 as oil falls to $48 per barrel.  This is probably the safest dividend stock for 2016 because the yield is 6% and the stock will bounce back from here.

ConocoPhillips (COP) – COP is the second safest dividend stock which now yields 5.3% with a $52 share price.

Mattel, Inc. (MAT) – Bullish on toys?  Mattel stock now yields 6.3% with a $23 stock price.  However, several analysts are calling for a dividend cut.