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Dividend Stocks 2019 – High Paying Dvidend Stocks

What are dividend stocks?  Dividend stocks are highly sought after because they allow investors to earn extra income while they wait for their investment to appreciate.  Dividend Stocks are seen as safe investments because the company is earning money and growing at the same time.  However, sometimes dividends are not safe as we witnessed years ago with the oil stocks.  Linn Energy (LINN) was paying a dividend over 10% and the stock was trading in the $20’s.  The company suspended their dividend and the stock fell to $2.50.  When investing in high paying dividend stocks, make sure you keep a tight stop loss order so you don’t fall victim to a situation like this.

Below are the best dividend stocks to buy in 2019.  These stocks are viewed as safe and should gradually rise while allowing you to earn income.  Do your research and figure out if they are right for your portfolio.  Keep in mind, when a company is doing bad, they may be forced to cut their dividend.

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Best Dividend Stocks 2019 – AT&T (T)– AT&T (A) is one of the Top Dividend Stocks of 2019 because the stock is low and the dividend is safe.  AT&T should not only return to the $40’s into 2020, but the dividend yield is 7%.  I strongly believe this is a safe dividen stock with a high yield.

 – BP (BP) pays a high dividend yield of 6% but is a littler riskier than AT&T (T) due to be an oil stock.  However, this dividend is likely safe and the company will do well if oil rebound back into the $70’s in 2019.

IBM (IBM) – IBM is currently trading at $134 and the dividend yield is 5%.  While this is by far the top dividend stock, IBM should return to $150-$160 in 2019.

Other Top Paying Dividend Yielding Stocks in 2019

Verizon (VZ)
Simon Property Group (SPG)
Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY)
McDonald’s (MCD)