Car Stocks – Car Stocks to Buy 2016

Car Stocks – Top Car Stocks to Buy – Auto Stock Picks

Best Car Stocks – What are the top car stocks in 2016?   Tesla was the top car stock last year but sold off in Q4 as we headed into 2016.  Below are my thoughts on Tesla stock in 2016 and other car stocks to buy.  General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) will continues to move sideways and are rated a sell for me.

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There are many different ways to buy Car Stocks in the stock market.  You can buy the pure play automobile companies or buy the stock of auto suppliers.  Both of these sectors are a pure play on the US economy in 2016. 

Vehicle stocks were flat ahead of 2016 because of the volatile late year stock market.  As we head into 2016, the Chinese economy and Interest Rate decisions will be the focus this year.  Car stocks mostly traded sideways in 2015 with big drops in Ford (F) and Volkswagon (VLKAY).  The top performing car stock was Honda (HMC) followed by Tesla (TSLA) which jumped over 6%.

Best Car Stocks 2016

Tesla Motors (TSLA) – Tesla (TSLA) is my top car stock in 2016 once again.  Tesla (TSLA) stock continues to see huge volatility but has been trending up.  The fact that Elon Musk only buys TSLA and never sells, this give confidence to current shareholders.  Tesla (TSLA) is expanding into battery production and will release more details of the Model 3 car in early 2016.  The model 3 vehicle will cost around $35,000 before govenment incentives.

Telsa (TSLA) stock is a strong buy below $200 in 2016 and I again have a price target of $300 per share.  If the company can report strong earnings and guidance, there is a chance we see $320-$350.

Toyota Motors (TM) – Toyota Motors (TM) stock rallied into the $140’s last year but then pulled back late in the year. This automotive company continues to produce great vehicles with strong and efficient engines which is great for the consumer. I think Toyota can $145 at some point in 2016.  TM is a safe car stock to buy in 2016.

Ford (F) & General Motors (GM) – Both Ford and GM are car stocks to sell in 2016.  If we hit another financial crisis, short these as much as you can.  Both Ford & GM continue to make low priced and cheap vehicles that do not last.  Consumers find it very hard to trust these two brands.  If we see big gains from Ford & GM in 2016, sell and buy into Tesla on a big dip.  Tesla is changing the car industry as we know it.  Electric Vehicles will continue to gain momentum and Tesla is building the charging network to power these vehicles.  I also view Honda Motor (HMC) as a safe car stock pick in 2016.