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Top Stocks 2013 - Stock Picks 2013 - 2013 Stocks to Buy

Top Stocks 2013 - What are the best stocks to buy for 2013?  The Top Stocks to Buy in 2013 are company's with high growth and a price break out.  Two companies that come to mind are Netflix (NFLX) and Zillow (Z).  These are two stocks to buy on dips in 2013 and should perform well in the coming 12 months.  More details below.

Below is a list of my top stocks for 2013.  These are my favorite stocks to buy and stock picks for 2013.  The best time to buy these stocks is during a pullback so look to buy a huge summer stock market correction in 2013.  You know the saying, Sell in May, go away.  Buy stocks in August is my Motto.

Looking for some stock picks for 2013?   Below is a list of some of the Top Stocks I like going into 2013.  This page will be used for the Top Stocks Gainers in 2013 once we actually enter 2013.  Until then, these stock picks are some of the best stocks to purchase as we go into 2013.

Zillow (Z) - Top Stocks 2013.  Zillow (Z) is my top stock pick in 2013.  The company runs an online real estate website that helps potential home buyer due real estate research.  Zillow has a number of tools that let you track the value of houses and hook up with a realtor.  Zillow (Z) turned a surprise profit last quarter which was better than Wall St. predicted.  Z stock is up 70% to $47 in 2013 and is up 20% in the past week alone.

Mobile internet surfing is the real story for Zillow in 2013.  Mobile traffic is up over 100% which is catching the attention on advertisers.  If Zillow (Z) can continue to momentum and come up with new products, this company has a long way to go.  Zillow (Z) is my top stock pick for the rest of 2013 and I am placing a $55 price target on the shares.  Buy Z below $40 in 2013.

Stocks to Buy 2013 - Apple (AAPL) - Apple (AAPL) is one of my top stocks for 2013.  As I write this, the stock hit another 52 week low at $420.  The company now trades at 8.5 times 2014 and has $137 billion in cash.  Wall St fears that growth will decline but I can't really see this happening.  I have been buying shares of Apple (AAPL) for the past two years and I am confident the dividend will be increased which should put a floor under the stock.  Apple (AAPL) is a strong buy in 2013 below $400.  Apple (AAPL) will get hot again in the 2nd half of 2013.

Penny Stocks 2013 - Medical Device Penny StocksCardica (CRDC) - Cardica (CRDC) is a risky penny stock to buy for 2013 but aren't all penny stocks risky?  I mean, penny stocks are cheap ( low stock price ) for a reason right?  They are either come out of a key company restructuring period or the company is having serious problems.  So far ytd, CRDC is the Top Penny Stock in 2013.  Shares of CRDC are breaking out to the upside to $1.48, up 35%.  CRDC is the best penny stock in 2013 but expect a lot of volatility.  See Also - Penny Stocks for 2013

NCardica, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of automated anastomotic systems for use by cardiac surgeons to perform coronary bypass surgery in the United States and internationally. It provides C-Port Distal Anastomosis systems, including C-Port xA Anastomosis systems to perform an end-to-side distal anastomosis by attaching the end of a bypass graft to a coronary artery downstream of an occlusion or narrowing; C-Port Flex A Anastomosis systems to enable automated anastomoses to be performed as part of coronary artery bypass grafting procedures; and PAS-Port Proximal Anastomosis systems to perform an end-to-side proximal anastomosis between a saphenous vein and the aorta. The company markets its Port Distal Anastomosis systems through its direct sales force, as well as through independent manufacturers’ representatives and distributors. It is also involved in the development of endoscopic microcutter products comprising MicroCutter XCHANGE 30, a cartridge based microcutter device; MicroCutter XCHANGE 45, a planned cartridge based microcutter device; MicroCutter XPRESS 30, the true multi-fire endolinear stapling device.

Top Penny Stocks 2013 - RSOL CHTP JAXB

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Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) - Restaurant Stocks 2013 - Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) is my top restuarant stock for 2013.  CMG is growing rapidly and the fact that people are chosing to eat healthier will only help this company.  If I had to buy one restaurant stock in 2013, I would chose Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG).

Top Stocks 2013 - Here is a brief list of other Top Stocks for 2013 -

Top Penny Stocks 2013 - While AMD has already had a big move, keep an eye on SSN which is one the Penny Stocks to Watch in 2013.

Top Gold Stocks 2014 - If you are bullish on Gold, check out NUGT

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