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Stocks 2015 - Stocks to Invest In 2015

Stocks 2015 - Stock is 2015 were mostly flat but we saw a lot of volatility in late 2015.  Amazon (AMZN) surged 120% to $680 and this was one of my top picks since I was bullish in January below $300.  However, I was wrong on NDLS and YELP although I had some nice trades.  In 2016, my top stock pick is Shake Shack (SHAK).  The company is expanding at a nice pace the the lines continue to grow.  SHAK rallied from $40-$47 recently so look to load up near $40 or below.

Below is an index of the top stocks for 2015.  If you are looking for the best stocks to trade in 2015, check out my stock picks group or follow me on Twitter - @stockstobuy

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Best Stocks 2015 - Buy and Hold Twitter (TWTR) in 2015

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Bank Stocks 2015 - Bank stocks will be some of the safest stocks in 2015, buy PNC

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