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Stock Picks 2016 - Stocks to Trade (Short Term, Long Term)

Join Our Stock Picks Group Today Starting at just $29.95 Per Month

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I recently started a premium membership stock group where I share daily trading ideas as well as alert members as to which stocks I buy and sell.  To join, create a free account at and then simply click " join group " to make payment via paypal.  Below is a list of items you will receive in the stock picks group.

Stock Picks for 2016 - TNA SHAK TWTR TSLA - Click Here

Hot Stock Alerts - Find out stocks that are moving up on big news.  When I buy or sell a stock, I send out an alert.

Earnings Plays - Earnings season is like Christmas to me....I seek out the companies that beat earnings and revenue and then raise guidance.  9/10 times the stock rallies higher the next day.  I pick these off for huge gains.

-  Pre Market & After Hours News - I list stocks that are making big moves in pre market and after hours trading.

My Trading Portfolio - When I buy a stock, I post it, send out an email alert, and then add it to my trading board.  I do the same when I sell -

Stock Analysis - I often point out stocks I am watching and what levels I am looking to buy.  I post these in the group forum -

Long Term Investing - I operate a trading portfolio and a long term portfolio.  While I understand not everyone is looking for stocks to trade, I point out my solid stocks to own for the long term. 

Stock Market Analysis - The stock market usually has a good year after a great year so look for this in 2016.  I give detailed stock market analysis about once a week so traders know the key support and resistance levels to watch going forward.

Stop Loss Orders - The key mistake many new and seasoned stock traders make is a bad stop loss order.  I always have an exit plan in place before I buy one of my stock picks.  I share these stop loss orders with group members after I buy a stock. 

Penny Stocks - I do trade penny stocks that are listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX exchange.  I rarely trade OTC stocks because they are mostly a scam.  If you want to increase your trading capital and avoid huge losses, stay away from OTC/Pink Sheets Stocks.  Even if you don't join my stock picks group, take this free advice to heart.  99% of companies that trade on the OTC markets are pump and dump scams.  I want to invest and trade legitimate stocks.

Support & Resistance Levels - When trading a momentum stock, I always watch key support and resistance levels.  These are areas where there is likely to be heavy buying or selling action.  If a momentum stock breaks above a key resistance level, it has the chance to rise significantly.  In the stock picks group, I identify key support and resistance levels for you.

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