Rare Earth Metals Stocks - Rare Earth Metal Stocks to Buy

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Rare Earth Metals Stocks - Rare Earth Metal Stocks to Buy

What are rare earth metals?  What are the Top Rare earth metal stocks?

Rare earth metals are exactly what they say, rare metals from our earth.  Several rare earth metal stocks have been taking the stock market by storm.

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Rare Earth Metal stocks continue to crash in 2015 and there is no sign of a rebound.

So, what exactly are rare earth metals?  Rare earth metals are a set of 17 chemical elements  on the periodic table.  These rare metals are only found in select locations around the world with China holding a vast majority of these metals.  A lot of these metals are used for lasers, nuclear batteries, camera lenses, magnets, ceramic for self cleaning ovens, computer memories, hybrid car engines, wind turbines, and fluorescent lamps.  It is said that China owns over 95% of the supply. 

Many old computers and laptops are being recycled because they contain rare earth metals.  The problem is that the USA and other countries have relied on their own supply of rare earth metals but are now needing them from China which owns a vast supply.  Several years ago, China was limiting exports on these rare metals to several countries.  This is what is caused rare earth metal prices to surge.

While I don't think rare earth metals will rebound in price in 2015 or 2016, many stocks are down 90% if you think this sector will come back.  I will highlight a few below.

Best Rare Earth Metal Stocks

Molycorp, Inc. (MCP) - Molycorp has one of the largest and richest reserves in Mountain Pass, California.  MCP stock has crashed in 2014/2015 because the price of rare earth elements have plunged.  The main problem here is the company's debt load.  Molycorp (MCP) is drowning in 1.8 billion in debt while the total market cap of the company is 87 million.  Molycorp (MCP) was once the hottest stock on Wall St. and now share trading for a lousy $0.36.  If things don't imrove fast, expected MCP to be delisted in 2015.

Rare Element Resources Ltd (REE) - Rare Element Resources is a small rare earth metals company that has been testing part of Canada, specifically Manitoba, where they have expanded their Eden Lake property.  Like MCP, wait until we see a rebound in metal prices to look at these stocks.

Other Rare Earth Metals Stocks

Avalon Rare Metals (AVL)
Quest Rare Minerals (QRM)

Top Rare Earth Metal Penny Stocks 2015

Molycorp (MCP)
American Rare Earths and Materials Corp (AREM)
Great Western Minerals (GWMGF)
Lynas Corp (LYSCF)

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