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IPO Calendar List 2013 - Top Up and Coming IPO's 2013

What is an IPO?  IPO is short for Initial Public Offering which is another phrase for a new stock listed on an exchange.  Each month, the IPO Calendar fills up with companies wanting to go public and issue stock.  In 2013, we will see some of the best stocks come public including Grubhub, Hubspot, SugarCRM, and possibly Gilt or Twitter.  See additional details on these 2013 IPO's below.

IPO's offer excitement because new stocks tend to get a pop on the first and second day of trading.  Why is this you ask?  When a stock IPO's, most of the shares remain locked up for 6-12 months leaving a small amount of stock trading during IPO day.  With such little stock trading combined with high demand for an IPO, you get a buying frenzy which produces some of the biggest gainers of the year.  For example, in 2011, LinkedIn (LNKD) went public with a price of $45.  The stock opened at $80 and ran to $120 in a few hours.  If you would have bought LNKD in the morning, you could have sold this stock in the afternoon for well over $100.  We also saw Michael Kors (KORS) rally big the first and second day of It's IPO.  Don't forget to take profits though.  Insiders have their stock locked up during the first 6 months of going public.  When the lock-up expiration comes due, the IPO tends to come under heavy selling pressure with insiders selling their stock into the open stock market.  If you plan to trade IPO's, always use tight stop orders and take profits when you have them. 

Throughout the year of 2013, I will list new IPO's under the IPO Calendar below.  Check back for IPO updates which will be starting soon!

IPO News

IPO Calendar December 2013

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Week of December 9, 2013

Hilton Hotels (HLT)
Autohome (ATHM)
Aramark (ARMK)
Valero Energy Partners (VLP)
CatchMark Timber Trust (CTT)
Kindred Biosciences (KIN)
Scorpio Bulkers (SALT)
Nimble Storage (NMBL)

Week of December 16, 2013

AMC Entertainment (AMC)

No More IPO's in 2013 - Check out the new IPO's in 2014 - http://www.blackberrystocks.com/ipos2014.html

Upcoming IPO's in 2014 - IPO's 2014

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IPO's 2013 - Best IPO in 2013 - Watch out for SugarCRM stock in 2013.  SugarCRM is a fast growing customer relationship management company based in California.  Experts say that SugarCRM will be one hot IPO in 2013 if the company comes public.  Keep an eye out for this company!

Top IPO's 2013 - GrubHub - GrubHub is a US web and mobile company that lets users find delivery and takeout restaurants near them and order online for free.  This is a fast growing company based in Chicago and will be a hot IPO in 2013.

New IPO's 2013 - IPO's have been hot so far in 2012 - The YELP IPO opened at $25, sold off to $19, and then popped to $31 before seeing a pullback.  Millennial Media (MM) is probably the top IPO in 2012 and is probably one of the best IPO's we've seen for while.  MM stock priced at $13 and opened up around $26 which was a 100% gain.  Other best performing IPOs are DemandWare (DWRE) and Michael Kors (KORS).  KORS stock is up 93% since It's initial public offering back in December.

Chuy's (CHUY) will probably be a hot IPO since the allocation share amount will be on the small side.  I see the demand for CHUY stock being way higher than the actual float shares.  This could send the market cap of Chuy's through the roof and the stock will gap higher when it opens for trading.

Is 2013 the year we see the Twitter IPO?  Let's hope so, Twitter stock would be a strong buy.

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Other Upcoming IPO's 2013 - Hubspot, AirAsia, Box, DropBox, FourSquare, Square, Hulu

IPO's in 2013 - Pinterest - Pinterest is in the top 20 U.S websites and is exploding in growth.  A Pinterest IPO would be huge and the ticker symbol would probably be PINT

Twitter (TWIT) - Twitter could IPO under the ticker symbol TWIT in 2013. 

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