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Good Stocks - Good Stocks to Buy 2014 - Good Stocks to Invest In

Looking for some Good Stocks to Buy Now for a trade or to Invest in during 2014?  Below is a list of my Good Stock Picks list which I hope you will like.  I will update this list as I see fit given the volatility in the stock market.  I will also try to list some good penny stocks as well.  However, good penny stocks are hard to come by because penny stocks are penny stocks for a reason.  The company is probably in some kind of trouble which is causing the stock price to fall rather then go up.  A lot of times, good stocks are stocks that have a high stock price and may even seem expensive.  This is probably the biggest myth because a stock price moves on earnings and news as well as growth prospects.  The actual stock price itself does not indicate whether or not the stock is cheap or expensive.

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Good Stocks - Good Stocks to Buy - Right now, the best stocks to buy are Yelp (YELP) & Noodles & Company (NDLS).  Another stock to watch in 2014 is Lululemon (LULU).

Yelp (YELP) - YELP is growing rapidly and is dominating in the local business space.  The company has a reviews website where consumers leave reveiws and restaurants & businesses advertise in order to receive leads and more business.  The company is expanding rapidly around the world and has massive potential since they are already established in tons of countries.  YELP has also entered the restaurant reservation space with the buyout of  Soon, restaurants will be able to bypass OpenTable and save money using Yelp's SeatMe.  I have a 2014 Price Target of $105.  See more 2014 Price Targets.

Noodles & Company (NDLS) - NDLS is my most exciting stock pick for the long term.  I continue to buy NDLS on every dip and is the top stock to buy in 2014.  Management came from Chipotle and McDonalds and is replicating their success at Noodles.  With about 375 restaurant locations currently open and running, Noodles & Company is positioned for massive growth in 2014, 2015, 2016 and beyond.  In 15 years Noodles could be operating 2,500 restaurants.  Keep in mind, NDLS is a good stock to buy for the long term and there will be growing pains along the way.  Ultimately, I feel NDLS will eventually be a 1,000% gainer just like CMG, BWLD, and PNRA are.  This is how you get rich folks, buy good fast growing companies early in their growth cycle and watch them shine throughout the years.  You can follow more of my NDLS comments here.  You can also follow my latest buys here.

Lululemon (LULU) - LULU is probably the cheapest growth stock I know of right now.  Lululemon has some severe issues last year which are now behind the company.  Recently, the company beat earnings but reported light guidance.  The stock dropped from $75 to $58 and currently sits at $59.  LULU is my top rebound stock pick in 2014 and I feel it will rally to $75-$80 at some point in 2014.  Lululemon is a good brand and great stock pick for 2014.

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More good stocks to buy on dips in 2014

McDonald's (MCD)
Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)
Home Depot (HD)
Lululemon (LULU)
Apple (AAPL)
Google (GOOG)
Kodiak Oil & Gas (KOG)
Facebook (FB)
Twitter (TWTR)
Restoration Hardware (RH)

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