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Best Performing Stocks 2014 - Top Performing Stocks

Welcome to my Best Performing Stocks page.  Stock investing is hard but I've found that trading the Top Performing Stocks year to date gives me an edge because these stocks are already doing what I want them to do, go up.  When I trade these Top Performing Stocks in 2014, my goal is to buy high, sell higher.  Basically what I do is track the Top Stock Gainers and the Top Penny Stock Gainers of 2014 and then look at their charts and news flow.  If the company is doing well and has positive news, I look at the chart to find support and resistance levels.  I then figure out levels at which I will be wrong on the downside, and break out levels on the upside.    If these best performing stocks meet my criteria, I then place a buy order.  Below is a list of the highest performing stocks in 2014 so far.  This list is subject to change so make sure you click the two links above.  If you would like more tips on a daily basis, join my stock picks group where I discuss these stocks and a lot more!

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Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ICPT) ( Drug Stocks 2014 ) - Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ICPT) is the best performing stock in 2014.  ICPT shares are higher by 494% to $406.11 after the company released mind blowing drug data two months ago.  Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ICPT) has a promising live disease drug that actually works.  ICPT has remained the Top Stock in 2014 for the last 2 days and I'm expecting it to remain one of the top performing stocks in 2014.

Plug Power (PLUG) ( Fuel Cell Stocks ) - PLUG is one of the top performing stocks in 2014 after the company just announced more orders from Wal-Mart.  Plug Power (PLUG), an alternative energy company, designs and sells fuel cell systems which is a hot area right now.  PLUG stock is higher by 185% to $4.41 and should continue to be volatile in 2014.  PLUG is one of the most popular stocks in 2014 so far.

Minco Gold (MGH) ( Best Performing Penny Stocks 2014 ) - MGH is the top performing penny stock in 2014 so far, Up 206%.  Gold penny stocks have been hot in 2014 due to the price of gold rebounding.  MGH is currently consolidating after a large move up to $0.60 so wait for the next break out to buy.  Continue to watch the list of Top Penny Stocks Gainers in 2014 for other good ideas.

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